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Education at Heritage Quay
Exploring education heritage using the archives at Heritage Quay.
Egyptian Mummy
The Mummy of Nesyamun who lived in Thebes, Egypt, over 3,000 years ago
Egyptian Mummy Eye
The eye from an Egyptian mummy statue
Egyptian Sekhmet Pendant
Carved faience of the warrior goddess of ancient Egypt
Embroider the World
Learn techniques from world textiles to inspire your own stitchwork
Embroidery of the Russian Goddess Mokosh
Ritual linen towel used in marriage and childbirth
Emotions in Motion: Michael Sandle's Sculpture
Activities exploring how artists represent movement and emotions
Engaging Young People with Artworks
How to engage young people with art and Museums Sheffield Youth Forum
Enterprise, Industry and Benjamin Gott
Benjamin Gott and the world´s largest woollen mill
Entertainment and Hobbies in the 1950s
Find out what people did in their spare time in the 1950s
Entertainment on the WW1 Home Front
Raising morale and funds for the war effort
Every Object Tells a Story
Family learning through objects in the home and in museums
Everyday Life in the Industrial Revolution
Changes in daily life as Britain becomes industrialised
Exploring Homes in the Past
Discover the differences between modern and historical homes

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