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Was William Wilberforce born in Hull and did he always live in Hull.

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Apart from abolishing slavery, what else did he do?

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What inspired Wilberforce to fight for the abolition of slavery?

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Did Wilberforce have slaves himself at any point of his life?

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Did the Wilberforces have a family trade or business?

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Does Wilberforce have any descendants alive today?

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When was the house built and why was it built on this location?

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Is the house a typical example of architecture of that period and how can we tell?

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Who else has lived in this house and do we have any evidence who they were?

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Has the house been changed in any way?

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When did the house become a museum?

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Newland Girls - Eye Witness Accounts of Maister House Fire

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Newland Girls - Old News: Maister House

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Document icon Learning article provided by: Hull and East Riding Museum

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