Art Across the Curriculum

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Creating an 'Art Across the Curriculum' project:

Visual art is a fantastic stimulus for work in all areas of the curriculum, enabling creative ways of working and opening up unexpected avenues across subject areas. This resource presents an inspiring case study showing how one school used a visit to the Ferens Art Gallery as a starting point for cross curricular work.

Curriculum links:

KS2-4 Literacy - creative writing or drama inspired by work

KS2 Art & Design - Materials; Skills - Evaluating work

KS2 Arts Award - Discover and Explore

KS3/4 Art & Design - Art from different cultures - European Art; Museum/Gallery visits; Fine Art - drawing and painting

Choosing an artwork:

The choice of artwork for your project will determine the breadth of curriculum links you can explore. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a work large enough for the class to explore together
  • Take a risk - children can make their own interpretations 
  • Look for unexpected curriculum links

Downloadable resources: 

The following resources  (see Download links below) will help you plan an 'Art Across the Curriculum' project: 

  • Curriculum Planner: Use this table to plan your project and identify curriculum links. Refer to the Wheeler Primary School case study to help you.

  • Investigation sheets: Use this sheet when you visit the gallery. The questions will prompt children's responses.

  • Fish Market Drama and Collage activities: These cross-curricular activities can take place on a gallery visit or at school.

Arts Award Discover & Explore suggested activities:

  • This resource allows students to explore a range of different paintings and art forms. The images featured here can act as starting points for discussion. Students' responses to the artworks could be recorded as part of the evidence required for Arts Award, for example, as with the Wheeler Primary School group, a gallery of students' work could be created. 

(With thanks to Wheeler Primary School for their help in developing this resource.)

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