Ancient Egyptians: Objects from Daily Life

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Curriculum Links:

KS2 History  Ancient Egypt: the achievements of the earliest civilisations

Aim of resource:

To explore key features of Ancient Egyptian society using original artefacts.


Learning objectives

Knowledge of Ancient Egyptian society and daily life

Understanding of how artefacts can reveal information about how people lived in the past and the nature of early civilisations

Skills to interpret historical evidence

Discussion ideas:

  • What do you think the Ancient Egyptian world might have looked like?
  • How were the Ancient Egyptians similar to us?
  • How were they different?
  • Why do you think they wore make-up?
  • Choose an object you have seen within this resource. What does it tells us about people's lives in the past?
  • Why are historical objects important?
  • What sort of objects from your own life do you think would give someone in the future an idea about how you live?

Activity ideas:

  • What did the Ancient Egyptians do for us?
    This resource could be used as a starting point for a larger project on Ancient Egypt. Pupils could chose one aspect of Ancient Egyptian life featured here to research further.
  • Online quiz: Try our quiz to test your knowledge of Ancient Egypt!

  • Worksheet: Download this picture quiz worksheet on Ancient Egyptian objects to use in the classroom.


Linked visits to  Leeds Museum Discovery Centre:

All of the images used in this resource are real Egyptian artefacts which are stored at the Leeds Museum Discovery Centre (LMDC).


All of these objects are used in the 'Ancient Egyptians: A Day in the Life' formal school workshop run at LMDC. This workshop can also be run as outreach. Please call the Education Officer on 0113 214 1556 to arrange a school visit. 

Leeds Museum Discovery Centre is open to the public and visits to see the objects can be booked in advance by calling 0113 214 1548.

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