Yong finds his first object

The period is 500BCE. During this period a man called Confuscious dedicated his life to carrying forward the old tradition in a chaotic time. His students compared him to the sun and moon, whilst his rivals compared him to a man who does not use his arms and legs, or know how to tell the difference between different types of grain. However, his name would be forever linked to Chinese culture. This tradition is known as 'Confucianism'.

On your quest as a scholar, you must learn about the tradition of Chinese writing, and become safe guarded by a mystical beast by collecting the Qilin tile.


Qilins have horns like dragons but the body of a deer with scales, the tail of an ox and the hooves of a horse. They are a symbol for happiness. Legends say Qilin will bring many sons to the family (Qilin song zi) and these sons will become successful scholars.

Play level 1 of Yong's China Quest game


Yong's China Quest has been developed as part of Renaissance Yorkshire’s China in Yorkshire Programme. The game includes objects in the collections of Leeds Museums and Galleries, Museums Sheffield, Thackray Museum and the National Railway Museum.

Papercut with a qilin creature and a dragon