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Teachers' Notes

About this resource

This resource supports the online interactive 'Our First World War Guardians' by providing additional background information to the activities within it, and putting them into context.

There are links to relevant sections of the interactive throughout these pages, and additional ideas for classroom discussion and activities on the teachers' notes page, along with curriculum links and learning objectives.

Images of all the medals featured in this resource are available to download as a separate PDF or PPT file and there is a picture quiz and a blank medal template to download too (see links below).

You can learn all about six different First World War medals and the people who received them (such as Thomas Place, pictured above) on the following pages, then why not try out our online interactive (link below)? You can design and name your own medal, write about what your medal would be awarded for, then preview it in 3D and print a PDF version!
Thomas Hinsley Place with his brother Alfred's Albert Medal