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Links to other Wilberforce and Anti Slavery Inspired Projects

hideme Secondary Pre and Post Visit Activity Suggestions

Welcome to the resource pages. Here you will find lots of ideas, activities and resources to help you study William Wilberforce through a variety of cross curricular approaches. They have been designed as useful starting points for you to adapt to your particular approach, age group or topic.


Pre Visit Activities

A teachers' resource looking at the impace of the slave trade, its abolition and the life of William Wilberforce. Study a local person who shaped the everyday lives of different sections of society.  'Britain and the Wider World - William Wilberforce'.


What is Slavery?

A basic introduction to the idea of slavery will prepare your pupils for a more meaningful museum visit. The following resources (downloadable from the 'Worksheets' list below) will help you explore the questions 'what is freedom?' and 'what is slavery?' with your pupils:
  • What is Slavery? Lesson Plan
  • What is Slavery? Discussion Cards

Who Was William Wilberforce?

The PowerPoint which you can download from the 'Worksheets' list below called 'Who Was William Wilberforce?' has been written to provide you with a starting point to discuss not only Wilberforce's life, but also the Triangular Trade and the abolition movement.

Post Visit Activities

Create An Exhibition

From the National Maritime Museum website, pupils can select five, from over fifty, objects and curate an exhibition linked to their own particular research interests.

What Rights do you Have?

A lesson which explores rights from your pupils points of view. They are asked to consider what rights they think they should have and these are then compared to the ten principles of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of a Child. Resources (downloadable from the 'Worksheets' list below):
  • What Rights Do You have? Lesson plan
  • What Rights Do You have? Discussion cards
  • What Rights Do You have? Whiteboard PowerPoint

What Was The Triangular Trade?

Explore the Transatlantic Trade in more detail with your pupils:
  • The National Maritime Museum's What Was the Triangular Trade? is a really useful research site for pupils.
  • Use the Introduction PowerPoint from the Understanding Slavery Website as an alternative way to introduce pupils to objects themes and issues
  • The PowerPoint Quiz 'What Was the Triangular Trade? has been designed to be used on a whiteboard as a follow up activity. (see Resources/Worksheets below).

Write a William Wilberforce Obituary

The led session 'The Role of the Individual' will provide KS3 pupils with a whole range of information about the life of this key figure in the abolition movement. Asking pupils to write an obituary is an ideal way to summarise his achievements. The following newspaper websites provide recent examples of obituaries which can be used as examples.