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Activities and Games

Led sessions

Explore the varied activities on this resource, then take part in one of our exciting workshops based at Streetlife Museum in Hull. Alternatively you could use the resource after a visit to consolidate and develop the topics you covered. 


Fabulous Forces Fantastic Friction

Take part in larger than life experiments to discover first hand what life would be like without Forces and Friction.


Shocking Science  

Meet our historic character to find out how electricity was used in the past. Experience a hair-raising science show and make circuits to light your own bulb.


Bridging the Past Building the Future 

Meet a Victorian Engineer and Railway Navvy, discover how rivers were crossed, test properties of materials, then construct your own bridge in our bridge builders challenge.


For further details of workshops at Streetlife Museum, email the museum on or call 01482 300 300

Children participating in Forces and Friction workshop
Victorian character at Streetlife Museum with a school group
Schoolchildren inside the electric tram at Streetlife Museum, Hull
Schoolgirl using weights, wooden blocks and paper to test material strength