Teachers' notes

Transport yourself  into Science

This resource helps you use Streetlife's superb transport collections as an inspirational starting point to support the teaching of Science and Design & Technology subjects.

Curriculum links

KS2 Science - Forces; Characteristics of Materials; Working Scientifically

KS2 History - Local history study


Who is it for?

Key stage 1 and 2 pupils and teachers


What's in this resource?

  • Car Constructor interactive game, make your own vehicle and see how well it performs on our Streetlife test track (see Downloads links below for guidance notes on using the interactive and activity ideas)

  • Transport card game. Download and play this game as a fun way to stimulate discussion around transport past and present (see links below)
  • Downloadable resource sheets to compare transport across the ages and discover how design has evolved (see links below).

How can it be used?

  • This resource supports our science learning package which includes:
    Interactive Science Shows, hands on practical workshops and historical characters (See Led Sessions page on this journey for full details).   
  • Whole class as a white board activity to support a transport related topic or Science / Design & Technology sessions.
  • As a pre-visit activity to prepare your class for a visit to the museums.
  • As a post-visit activity to develop and consolidate what your children have learnt.
Early car by Daimler, 1899
School children raising hands in centre of group
Close up of royal carriage wheels
Collingwood Primary schoolchildren in the lab