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Activity ideas for KS1-KS3

School Fashion Show mini-topic for KS1-3

M&S Argyle Street, Glasgow has a long history of organising and taking part in charitable Fashion Shows (see the store history for details of shows in 1955, 1970 and 2002). Could you put on a Fashion Show and donate the proceeds of the event to charity? This could perhaps be a whole school project.

You would need to decide what the theme would be:
  • 1950s or 1970s vintage fashions 
  • modern fashions
  • school uniforms throughout time
  • t-shirts you have designed yourselves
How much would you charge for entry?
Which charity would you like to support?
Would you serve refreshments or have other items for sale?

Further ideas for KS2-KS3
Would you have scaled entry prices? (Under fives are free or concessionary prices for pensioners, for example)

You might also need to think about setting up a store team, as you could need:
  • models
  • a finance officer – to decide on pricing, cash up and report on the financial success
  • wardrobe and hairdressing assistants – to sell the items
  • master of ceremonies (MC) or announcer
  • sound technician or DJ
  • marketing officers to promote the event
  • ticketing assistants
  • operations manager and runners (to ensure the event is well planned and runs smoothly)
What other jobs would need to be done? How many people do you need in each job role?
Could you contact your own local M&S store and tell them what you are planning, is there any way they might be able to help?

Further ideas for KS3
How will you report on the success of the event? You could produce a report which includes how you organised the event, what happened, what your profit was and what you learned in the process. Companies often publish their accounts and annual reports online, you could perhaps do this on your school website.   


Master of Ceremonies – a person who acts as official host of a staged event or performance

Development site for M&S Glasgow, 2-12 Argyle Street, April 1963
Development site for M&S Glasgow, 2-12 Argyle Street, July 1965
M&S Glasgow, 2-12 Argyle Street, March 1966
M&S Glasgow, 2-12 Argyle Street, August 1993