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Video Interviews with Ex-Trawlermen and the Hessle Road Community

Led Sessions at Hull Maritime Museum

Local Heroes! 

Two-hour led session at Hull Maritime Museum - KS2

One-hour led session at Hull Maritime Museum - KS1

(History, Geography, Citizenship)


Join Nancy as she prepares for a day’s work at St Andrew’s Dock and find out about Hull’s rich fishing heritage. Then get hands-on as you investigate life and work onboard a Hull fishing trawler (includes original footage from the Yorkshire Film Archive).


Session includes:

  • Character-led introduction
  • Trawlerman's kitbag investigation and 'Dress a Trawlerman'
  • Object handling
  • Gallery interaction

Triple Trawler Disaster: Causes, Consequences, Campaign

One or two-hour led session at Hull Maritime Museum - upper KS2

(History, Geography, Citizenship)

Uncover the events of Hull's 1968 Triple Trawler Disaster through this fascinating led session. Investigate contemporary news articles and unique filmed interviews to discover the causes and consequences of the disaster, as well as the 'Headscarf Campaign' which followed it.

Voyage to the Arctic: A Whaler’s Tale

Two-hour led session at Hull Maritime Museum - KS1 & KS2

(History, Geography, Citizenship, Art & Design) 

Meet Mrs Pickwick and hear her captivating stories about Hull’s whaling past. Then go to the depths of Hull Maritime Museum to take a voyage of discovery, along the treacherous route of the great whaling ship The Diana.


Session includes:

  • character-led introduction
  • giant map game with model whaling ship The Diana
  • story chest
  • object handling
  • gallery interaction


Tour through Time: Hull’s Historic High Street

Two-hour led session at Heritage Learning Centre  -KS 1 & KS2

(History, Geography, Citizenship) 

Discover the clues, unlock the secrets and encounter 900 years of Hull’s history - in one street! This exciting new tour brings the history of Hull’s High Street alive. It consists of a one-hour tour followed by a one-hour object handling session (ICT option available).

Session includes:

  • time detective investigations
  • historic 'thinking hats'
  • human timeline
  • object handling


Heritage Learning

Tel: 01482 318733