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Lead mining was a major industry in the Northern Pennines from 1650 to 1900 and has a much longer history, dating back to Roman times.


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KS2/3 - History, Geography  

This resource includes:

  • a brief introduction to the lead mining and smelting processes observable in the landscape of the Yorkshire Dales National Park
  • annotated photographs of artefacts collected in the local area 
  • primary and secondary source materials: written and photographic
  • a video visit to Grinton Smelt Mill
  • a suggested artefact based activity aimed at KS2
  • a list of other web based sources of information and further reading.

Some of these resources are immediately accessible on the web pages but some larger files are only available to download. In particular, better quality pictures suitable for printing and the full video are downloadable as well as an information pack containing a printable form of the background information.