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About the ‘Voices of Asia’ interactive

Asian food in the UK

Food and drink are topics most people enjoy, the different flavours and tastes usually make a strong impression and create a memory that can have a big emotional pull, as we associate eating out with celebrations with friends and family.  

In the 1960s Chinese and South Asian eateries started multiplying in Leeds and many other British cities. From the 1990s Japanese and Thai also became popular. Now people can eat almost any type of Asian food everywhere from noodle bars to street food stalls. 

Museum collections of Asian food items

Objects relating to Asian cuisine within the Leeds Museums collections include a chapatti board and roller from Pakistan, a Lassi drink whisk, a coffee pot from Iran, and three porcelain coffee cups from Turkey. There is also a sieve for coconut rice and a lidded earthenware cooking pot from Thailand, and a yellow blouse and green sash, part of a waitress outfit from the restaurant Sukhothai. 
Wooden Japanese bento lunchbox with plastic sushi inside
Decorated chopsticks
Wooden mould