About the ‘Voices of Asia’ interactive

The ‘Voices of Asia’ interactive was designed to sit beside a display case on the theme of ‘Eating Out and Eating In’ within the Voices of Asia gallery at Leeds City Museum. 

The interactive links items from the Asian collections at Leeds Museums with the cuisine served at Asian restaurants in the city.  Players can explore the Asian food related museum collections, and browse dishes from 10 Leeds restaurants and then play a matching game to see how they connect.

The 10 restaurants featured in the interactive sit within a one mile radius of Leeds City Museum and consist of: 

  • three South Asian (Hansa’s Gujarati Vegetarian, Akbar and Aagrah, Pakistani); 

  • four East Asian (Little Tokyo and Wagamama are Japanese, Maxi’s and Red Chilli are Chinese); 

  • two Southeast Asian (Sukhothai and Thai Edge);

  • and one West Asian (Safran from Iran (formerly Persia). 

Screenshot from the Voices of Asia interactive