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Yorkshire Puddings


Ideas for using the recipes are provided below. Click the images on the right for a larger version. Transcripts and a modern recipe can be found by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.  

  • Read and text mark each of the recipes and find examples of instruction features.
  • Compare the recipes and discuss similarities and differences in ingredients and quantities and measures. Extend to a discussion of units of measurement and the need for standard units and the metric system. 
  • Look at the ingredients of shop bought Yorkshire Puddings and compare to these recipes. What questions could we ask about these?
  • Look at the other nutritional information on the packaging such as salt content, percentage of recommended daily allowances, etc. and discuss.
  • Follow the historical recipes along with a modern recipe and make Yorkshire Puddings. Compare the ease and clarity of each set of instructions. How could they be improved?
  • Hold a blind tasting of Yorkshire Puddings, both home made and shop bought. Evaluate each type of Yorkshire pudding against agreed or given criteria. Discuss findings as a class.
  • Evaluate the packaging from a range of shop bought puddings.
  • Design packaging for the 19th century Yorkshire Puddings. What is its purpose?
  • Hold a discussion on how healthy these Yorkshire Puddings are. Consider with the pupils what makes a food healthy. Which variety of Yorkshire Pudding is most healthy, home made or shop bought? Why?
  • Write instructions for how to make the shop bought puddings, using all their ingredients.
  • Hold a wider discussion into changes in eating habits. Which types of food are bought/homemade? How has this changed over time? Why has this change taken place? What are the consequences of more ready made food?

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