William Wilberforce

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KS2-3 Art and Design - Visiting a museum, gallery or site; Textiles

KS2 History – Black History; Local Study

KS3 Citizenship – Britain a diverse society?

KS3 History

KS3 Music – Music for dance

KS4 Citizenship - Human Rights; Challenging racism

KS4 History – Local History Study, ‘History Around Us’

(This resource could also be used as inspiration for KS1 History - Significant individuals)


Aims of resource:

This resource enables pupils to explore the life and political and social achievements of William Wilberforce, the Hull MP, who was instrumental in the campaign to abolish British involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of Britain's involvement in the Slave Trade and Wilberforce's role in the abolition of slavery
Understanding of the prevailing attitudes during this era and how Wilberforce's actions shaped history

Skills to interpret the role of the individual and analyse historical evidence


This resource has a range of linked media and activities: 
  • Take an interactive journey through the life of William Wilberforce.

  • Download a Wilberforce House fact sheet.

  • Explore Wilberforce House Museum through an audio tour! Listen to 'William Wilberforce' as he guides you around his former home.

  • Watch videos of pupils from Sydney Smith School interviewing Vanessa Salter, Keeper of Wilberforce House.

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