Victorian Values - Health and Environment

Activities related to Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Resources required - archive material:

Activity 1:
Look at the report and highlight the things, which are causing so many people to be ill and die in this area. 

What diseases are they suffering from?

Using this information, write a persuasive letter to the local paper highlighting the terrible conditions in which people are living.  Say what improvements you would like to see.


Activity 2:

Video role-play and debate.

Set up a debate between residents of Scotland Street and local councillors.  Some of the councillors may feel that conditions should be improved and some may not.

Use as a stimulus for a TV news item; some children being journalists; others being landlords, residents or councillors.
Identify a topical local issue or concern. Research and prepare arguments for and against the motion and debate the issue in front of another class.  Have a secret ballot.

Activity 3:

Look at the different illnesses mentioned in the 1848 Sanitary Report.

Using the Victorian Illnesses worksheet, choose one of the illnesses from the 1848 Report to list the causes, how it is spread and symptoms.


Find out where the disease is found today and what modern treatments are used. 

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