Victorian Values - Health and Environment

Teachers' notes

This resource looks at life in Victorian Sheffield and encourages users to challenge stereotypical Victorian Values. It relates to the following Curriculum areas:


Key Stage 2 History:
Unit 7 - Local History and
Unit 11 - Victorian Britain

Key Stage 2 Citizenship:
Unit 10 Local Democracy for young citizens

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The phrase 'Victorian Values' conjures up images of dark factories, strict moral codes and harsh living conditions. This resource looks closely at aspects of urban life in Victorian Sheffield. It encourages students to get under the skin of the people in the records and to relate their experiences to modern day life and attitudes.

This resource covers: Health and Environment.


Other related 'Victorian Values' resources cover:

Victorian Voices  is a separate resource looking specifically at the working conditions of children in Victorian Sheffield, using archive photos and extracts from the 1862 Employment Commission report (with the exact words and phrases used by the children interviewed).

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