The Tudors - Age of Discovery

What did York look like in Tudor times?

In Tudor times lots of money was made by the merchants who sent ships overseas from the port of Hull, from where smaller boats came up river to York.


York was a very important town during Medieval and Tudor times. It was known as the second city of England after London because of its location, it's religious importance and its many trade links with Europe.


Major local exports included grain and wool. Untreated woollen cloth would be sold abroad to key overseas markets like the Low Countries, Germany, France and the Baltic.


Merchants would live in and around York and would have large houses built on the packed streets around the River Ouse. The Merchants would meet on a regular basis at the different Guild Halls around York.


There are many Medieval and Tudor buildings still standing in York including Merchant Adventurers' Hall, King's Manor, Mulberry Hall and the well known street, 'The Shambles'.


Look at the stained glass window showing Tudor merchant sailors unloading their boats at King's Staith landing in York.

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