The Tudors - Age of Discovery

Hull's Merchants

The Hull merchants were a small group of people who made their money by trading goods with other countries and as a result of this were often very rich. 


The Maister family were very prominent merchants in the Hull area during the Tudor period. Another great merchant family was called the de la Pole family. They were members of the aristocracy and at one point were heirs to the throne.


Where did they live?

Hull Merchants often owned several houses, however they were not all wealthy and some of them even had part shares in ships in order to trade successfully. Hull's Merchants tended to live on the High Street.


Did they have a special meeting place?

In 1583 an impressive red brick hall was built by Hull's Merchants. The upstairs rooms would be used to hold their meetings and the downstairs rooms was used as a grammar school to teach their sons reading, writing, arithematic and Latin. This building is now the 'Hands on History Museum', which can be visited for free today.


The group that monopolised the trading industry in Hull during Tudor times was the Hull Trading Company. The Merchants played a very important role in the development of Hull and laid out the foundations of the how industry operates in the city today.


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