The Tudors - Age of Discovery

What was it like to live in Tudor Hull?

Life in Tudor Hull was, on the whole, a lot more difficult than today.  The average life expectancy at the time was only 35, and with no sewage system, no running water and no official management of waste, the living conditions in Hull were unsanitary to say the least!


As was common in towns during this period, Hull suffered from sporadic outbreaks of plague. There were outbreaks in 1537, 1575-76 and 1602-4.


The last outbreak was particularly bad, as is evidenced by the large amount of money paid out to help the plague-stricken poor during this time - approximately 299. 55s. 23d (299 pounds, 55 shillings and 23 pence) - which was a huge amount at the time.


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