The Censorship of Horror Comics

Modern Day Horror

The horror debate has been going on for many years, and in recent years there have been a number of cases where horror films have been cited as possible causes for violent crimes committed by young people.

The film industry has a classification system that is designed to prevent young people from being exposed to material that might have negative effects on them. These classifications are the PG, 12A, 15 etc that you see on film posters at the cinema and onDVD and video boxes.


Do you think that you are influenced by the films that you see at the cinema or at home?

Do you think that the government should have the power to control what you are allowed to watch, or do you think it is the responsibility of your parents/carer?


Do you think you should have the choice to watch whatever you want?


In today’s society, it is not only films that have ratings on them. Video games also come with a classification if they contain violence, crime re-enactments and/or scenes of gore. There has also been controversy over bands and artists in the music industry who use bad language in their songs or images of sex or violence in their videos, and warnings often appear on CD covers. One example of this is the singer Marilyn Manson, who has come under attack from many groups for his use of bad language in his lyrics, and his horror inspired image. His name is even inspired by that of a notorious serial killer, Charles Manson.


Do you think that the use of this sort of material by artists is offensive and irresponsible?

Do you think that it is possible to use this sort of content in a positive way?

Do you think they are setting a good or bad example to young people?

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