Terrible Times for Children during Bradford's Textile Revolution


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KS2 History

Learning Outcomes:
Pupils will be able to place events, people and changes into correct periods of time
Pupils will be able to identify changes in the lives of children

During the Industrial Revolution, Bradford prospered as the textile industry developed. Over the 19th Century Bradford became the capital of worsted production. Many children worked in the Bradford mills often in horrific conditions.


This resource provides background information about Bradford’s worsted industry and, particularly, its use of child labour. There are images from the factories as well as quotes from mill workers. These provide a taster of the Terrible Times for Children display at Bradford Industrial Museum. The display in the Weaving Gallery gives children a sense of what their life would have been like if they had been born during the Industrial Revolution and worked in a textiles mill.


This resource reflects the display and covers:

  • The kinds of jobs performed by children in the mill
  • The appalling working conditions of children at the time
  • The work of local reformers to improve health and safety
  • The cost of living in industrial Britain

Information sheets on the following topics are linked below :

Children worked in many mills all over Bradford, this is map reference to the Industrial Museum»

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