Surrealist Art: Objects and Meanings

Augustus Lunn

This work picks up on the themes of disorientation and depopulated landscapes as well as hinting at a coastline structure. Of the four works featured here it is this one which illustrates the rapid response of British artists, being painted not long after the International Surrealist exhibition.

Lunn has constructed an impossible space with tilted perspectives, transparent and dislocated volumes, devices which deliberately leave the spectator disorientated and unsettled. One’s eyes circle round and round the spiral, centring on the mid-ground column in a vain struggle to make sense of the space, which the image continually prevents.

Lunn (1905 – 1986) was from Preston in Lancashire moving to Surbiton in 1918. He studed at Kingston College of Art, winning a scholarship to the Royal College of Art. He became a mural painter, restorer and teacher exhibing alongside many well known English artits such as Edward Wadsworth, and John Armstrong.

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