Slavery, Abolition and the East Riding of Yorkshire

Teachers' Notes/ Activities

Aimed at KS3 History and Citizenship, the resource provides primary sources, learning tasks and information for teachers and students to supplement the slave trade topic and the many other sources of information.

Activity worksheets and transcripts are provided as downloads, together with suggestions for role-play group tasks.


Curriculum Links:


KS3 History – Britain 1750-1900

The resource supplements the teaching and learning of the transatlantic slave trade topic within the programme of study. It provides historical information, images of archive and museum material, transcripts of the documents and suggested tasks, including group work and personal learning and thinking skills.


KS3 Citizenship

The historical sources and learning tasks link with all areas of the programme of study, as an historical parallel to issues prevalent in today’s society.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the learning journey pupils should:

  • Have an awareness of the range of opinion surrounding the transatlantic slave trade, within the East Riding of Yorkshire, as a typical example of a region within Britain at the time
  • Understand the complexity of the issues around the slave trade and its eventual abolition
  • Be able to consider these issues in the context of comparable human rights, global economics and moral campaigning issues of today.

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