Science Camera Action

Programme Structure

This page shows the structure for delivering a 'Science Camera Action' project.


For schools working to a thematic skills based curriculum, the programme can be used as a method to deliver a theme over the period of a term. At its most effective the project can be integrated across the whole curriculum to deliver innovative skills based learning. 


For further information please contact David Alcock on 01482 318742 - Project Co-ordinator (based at Hull Museums).  


Step 1 - Museum based led session

Select and participate in any of the hands on science led sessions available at the museums involved.


Step 2 - Role allocation

Allocate the following roles to children (which can be rotated): Camera Operator, Script writer, Director, Actors

Decide how many films you would like to make.

Films should last no longer than 3 minutes


Step 3 - Storyboarding and scripting back in the classroom

Children select themes and identify scenarios based upon what they have learnt at the museum session. Children then create storyboards to work up how their films will look including technical instructions for camera people (e.g. locations and script). A list of props and costume will be required.   


Step 4 - Propmaking and resources 

Children make props and source costume.


Step 5 - Rehearshals

An opportunity to rehearse with script and without when the children have lines memorised.  


Step 6 - Filming  

By this stage all children will know their roles.

The final filming can be delivered by yourself in school or in the museum setting. 


Step 7 - The Premiere

The films can be screened for parents at a premiere style event. Children can actively engage with this process for example by creating invitations, organising drinks stalls etc. The premiere is also an excellent opportunity to invite local press to document the occasion.    

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