Science Camera Action

Project Overview

This project has been created as part of a partnership project between Hull Museums, Harrogate Museums & Arts and Yorkshire Waterways Museum. Each museum worked with a local school and professional film makers to create a series of films. These films are inspired by what the children learnt through participating in science based led sessions at each museum.

Curriculum links

KS2 Science

Unit 1E Pushes and Pulls

Unit 2E Forces and Movement

Unit 6E Forces in Action

KS3 Physics

Friction, forces and levers.


Who is it for?

This can be used by KS1, 2 and 3 teachers to support learning on Forces and Levers. It can also be used independently by school children wishing to view the films. The resource can be used by other museums as a model to deliver similar projects.


Content of this resource

This resource contains 6 films in total; 2 films inspired by friction and 4 films inspired by pulleys and levers. There is also a film of pupil feedback.


How can it be used

  • The Films can be used as a way to introduce a scientific concept as part of a class based lesson
  • As preparation for a visit to one of the museums led sessions
  • As a follow up to a museums visit
  • Your class may want to take part in their own Science Camera Action Project. See programme structure page for more information on how to get involved

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