Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London of 1666

Suggested activities for KS1/2 pupils

  • After sequencing the story get children to write a diary entry for each event. This could be linked to a literacy lesson on time connectives
  • Ask children to retell the story in their own words. Record them
  • Why was the cheese so special to Pepys? What would the children bury to keep safe? Get them to think about objects that are really special to them and why
  • Make fire safety posters
  • Practise colour mixing to make hot, fire colours. Compare with cold colours
  • Look at and compare portraits from the 17th Century
  • Get children to copy, or to draw self portraits but with 17th Century dress and hair
  • Ask children to write their own 'typical day' diary, using the Samuel Pepys 'day in the life' as inspiration (see Downloads below)
  • Look at the map showing 17th Century London (see image right) marking out the area destroyed by the fire, and compare to a modern day map of London

There are links to downloadable resources below for follow-up activities or to get the children thinking.

Google map: this is where the Fire of London started»

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