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Queen Coal? Why should we remember Victorian mining women?


This learning resource consists of four linked sets of historical overviews looking at the changing roles of women in the coal mining industry through four periods: pre-1842, post-war 1940s/1950s and the 1984/85 Miners' Strike.


The archive material is provided to support thematic work on the historical enquiry question: Why should we remember women in the coal mining industry?


National Curriculum links: KS3 History
Key Processes

The material collected here enables learners to investigate women’s roles by examining a range evidence from the past and then presenting their findings, thus developing the key historical skills and processes of Historical enquiry (identifying and investigating specific historical questions), Using evidence (use a range of historical sources) and Communicating about the past (present their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways).


 Key Concepts
By exploring this material and the questions below learners will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the key concepts of Significance and Interpretation:

• Where can we find out about women’s contributions?
• What, if anything, is remarkable or moving in these women's histories?(Considering the significance of events, people and places in their historical context and in the present day)
• What kind of story has been told about women’s contribution? What do we think about this story? How does the way the story has been told tell us about how women’s roles have been remembered?


 Click the link below to read the National Curriculum KS3 History Guidelines:


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