Prison and Penal Reform in the 1800s

Crime facts Which is true and which is false?

1. There are 2,500 children in prison.
2. Women given life sentences spend on average two years longer in jail than male lifers despite evidence that they are less likely to re-offend.
3. There are more than 70,000 men in prison
4. The majority of women are in prison for very short sentences under six months
5. England and Wales imprison more people that Libya, Turkey, Burma and Malaysia.
6. The country's female prison population has more than doubled since 1993.
7. Over half a million women and girls are held in prison around the world
8. Half of all male prisoners had been excluded from school.
9. One in four women in prison has spent time in local authority care as a child.
10. There are 4000 women in prison.
11. Women commit different offences to men.
12. 66% of women prisoners are mothers.
13. More than 17,700 children are separated from their mothers each year through imprisonment.
14. Only 5% of children remain in the family home after their mother is sentenced.
15. 70 % of women prisoners have two or more diagnosed mental health issues.
16. Children and young people in prison are some of the most excluded and deprived in our society. Many have had very difficult and chaotic childhoods with a large percentage experiencing abuse, neglect, bereavement, domestic violence and poor mental health.
17. 74% of women in prison left school at 16 or before.
18. Around one in three women prisoners lose their homes, and often their possessions, whilst in prison.
19. The number of children estimated to be affected by parental imprisonment is 125,000.
20. 61% of women prisoners have no qualifications at all
21. More women were sent to prison in 2006 for theft and handling stolen goods than any other crime
22. Two in three women released from prison in 2002 were reconvicted within two years of release.
23. Of all women who are sent to prison, 37% say that they have attempted suicide at some time during their life.
24. One in five women in prison is from a foreign country having been caught as drug carriers.
25. Since 1990, 22 children aged between the ages of 15 and 17 have killed themselves in prison
26. Children as young as 12 are being wrongly imprisoned in England and Wales
27. Half of the children in prison were victims of abuse.
28. One in three children put into prison were living with convicted criminals.
29. 82% of boys sentenced to prison are reconvicted within two years of release
30. The strip searching of children is routinely carried out on all children in prisons.
31. Children in prison are being held for days and even weeks at a time in isolation.
32. In three years, 276 children had been held in the isolation unit of one prison for more than 7 days. 21 children had been held there for more than 28 days.
33. A child committing a crime in other European countries is seen as welfare matter not a reason to put the child in prison.
34. Children can receive the same prison sentence as an adult achieving the same crime.
35. Three out of four prisoners have problems with literacy.


All these facts are true!

What do you think is the most interesting, shocking or disturbing fact?

What do you think about what you have read?

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