Preston: Past and Present

The families of Preston, Part 1

These photographs show some families who lived in Preston over 100 years ago. 

They are the Miller family, the Pedder family, and the Calland family.


What can we learn from the these photographs?

  • How many generations do you think there are in the picture?

  • How many children in the picture?

  • Do the children look happy, miserable, tired or sad?

  • How old do you think the children are?

  • Who do you think are the parents in the picture?

  • Who looks after the children? Why?

  • Do you think the family is poor, ordinary, well off, or very rich? Why?

  • Would all the families in the past have their photographs taken?

  • What is each person in the picture doing?

  • What do jobs do you think the people in the picture do?

  • Do you think the people would normally be sitting in this way?

You can find out more about the Miller, Pedder and Calland families on the next page, and also in the information sheet to download (see Worksheets link below)

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