Preston: Past and Present

The families of Preston, Part 2

These photographs also show the Pedder, Calland and Miller families.


Here is some more information about the families:


Nellie Calland's family

  • These photographs once belonged to Nellie Calland, who was born 23 January 1900
  • The Calland family lived in George's Row and George Street in Preston
  • Nellie had three sisters and a brother
  • Nellie was one of thousands of women who worked for Horrockses. Nellie and her sister Cissie worked at the Yard Works for most of their lives
  • Her father was possibly in the army and connected to Fulwood Barracks
  • No photographs of their house survive.

Thomas Miller's family

  • The Miller family rose to have great wealth and influence as the result of the cotton industry
  • Thomas Miller's father came to Preston to work for John Horrocks and was a manager of the Yard Works
  • Thomas Miller grew up to become the manager and then sole owner of the firm in 1846
  • He married Henrietta, a niece of John Horrocks, and they had five children
  • Thomas and Henrietta built Singleton Hall and 5 Winckley Square in Preston
  • Thomas and his wife Belle lived a lavish upper class lifestyle at Singleton, enjoying shooting, golf, tennis, yachting and holidays abroad.

Henry Newsham Pedder's family

  • The Pedder family were very important and influential in Preston in the 19th Century. They had been associated with the town and nearby Garstang for several hundred years.
  • Their family motto was JE DIS LA VERITE - meaning 'I tell the truth'
  • Henry Pedder's grandfather, Edward Pedder, was one of founders of the Preston's first bank - Atherton, Greaves and Company in 1776
  • Henry Newsham Pedder lived at Whinfield House in Ashton with his wife Jemima and their children
  • Henry's brother, also called Edward, lived in the family home at Ashton Park with his wife Amelia and their two sons. His mother Jane also lived with them
  • Two other brothers had careers in the army
  • Scandal! When Henry's brother, Edward, died suddenly in March 1861, it was found that Edward had taken money from the bank. He was in lots and lots of debt
  • The Pedders had to sell their houses and land like Whinfield House and Ashton Park - to pay the debt
  • One of Henry and Edward Pedder's sisters, Elizabeth, was given a beautiful dolls' house. It is now one of the most popular exhibits in the Harris Museum.  

Can you find these families' homes or workplaces on a modern map of Preston?

Use the 'Families of Preston' map at the bottom of the page to find out where they live...there are some clues on the map and on each photograph!  Download the 'Family Information' sheet to help you solve the clues (see Worksheet links below).


Choose a character from your photograph.

What is your name? Who is your family? Where do you live? Where do you work? What do you do for fun? What is your life like? You can use a combination of the facts above and what you have learned about Preston in the past so far to answer these questions. Tell your classmates about your character, and see if they have any other questions for you!

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