Preston: Past and Present

What is Preston like today? Part 1

What area is your school in?

Can you find this area on a modern map? How about a map of Preston from the past? You will find links to some maps of Preston at the bottom of this page, or your teacher might have some real ones! 


Look at the pictures above

They show two places. There is a picture of each place in the past, and each place today:

  • Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Market Square
  • Fishergate shopping street

Can you find where these places are on a modern map of Preston?


You might like to use the link to the Preston City Centre map below.


There are two more places to look at on the next page.


Use Worksheet 1 (see link below)

  • Which buildings do you think are old?
  • Which are new?
  • Why?
  • Why do we mean by 'old' and 'new?

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