Objects and Stories

Using objects to inspire stories

What sort of things does a museum collection contain?  

There are millions of objects at the Leeds Museums Discovery Centre - from the tiny (coins, insects and pieces of meteorites from outer space) to the very large (stone statues, bears, motorbikes and even buildings!).


Who looks after museum objects?

The people who look after these objects are called 'curators' and sometimes they get given lots of information about those objects each will have a story - sometimes they don't get anything though. 


How do we learn more about objects?

Curators must use their research skills and knowledge to find out what facts they can about the artefacts in the museum collections.

Useful information might include: 

  • why an object is important
  • how it was made and used
  • how it came to be in the collection, and so on. 

Discover more...

On the following pages we are going to find out about some of the facts and background of six objects and then create some stories about them. 

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