Objects and Stories

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This resource is designed to provide a starting point on how to use objects from museums and galleries to evoke creativity in story making by pupils and students.


Pupils can use these selected objects to create their own object stories and record them through telling and recording stories, written and visual work.


Curriculum links:

KS2 Art & Design -

KS2 English/Literacy - Planning, drafting and writing; Reading aloud and retelling stories


Learning objectives

Knowledge of varied historic artefacts and the processes behind creating a story

Understanding of the importance of historic objects

Skills to develop a story independently and use different methods to record them

Activity ideas: 

  • Show and tell an object: Pupils bring in an object from home and then present it to the class, telling a story about it. They could be instructed or choose to tell their story in a variety of different ways, for instance, using ICT, through artwork, creating a comic strip, through a sound or video recording.

  • 'Identify Me' activity: Download and print out (back to back) a copy of each of the six object 'Match Me' cards. Each sheet has a number of statements that are true about the six objects in these resources. The sheets need to be cut up and shuffled, then placed in a bag

    - Split your class into small groups.
    - Each group takes a bag and matches up the true statements and those that relate to each object.
    - They can then come and get the correct object heading and present their findings to the class.

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