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Mok the Gorilla

What is it?

This is the skull of a young male gorilla, named 'Mo Koundje' or simply 'Mok'.


What is it made of?

The skull is made of bone.


When was it made?

Mok died in London Zoo in 1938. He was seven years old.


Where is it from?

Mok was caught in a trap in Africa and first shipped to Paris. He lived in a cage in the lobby of a Paris hotel for a while before moving to London Zoo. He lived with his mate for a few years in London, but when she died he also passed away shortly after.


How did it get to Leeds?

Mok was bought by a collector (Mr M. A. Capagorry) who had him stuffed. In the 1930s, Leeds often bought material from London Zoo. Mok is now on display at Leeds City Museum. His skeleton can be found at the Leeds Museums Discovery Centre.


Collector - someone who gathers together many objects of a certain type 

Lobby - entrance hall

Material - objects or things

Stuffed - when an animal's body is specially preserved

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