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Not only can the Object Dialogue Box be used in conjunction with formal lessons, it is also an excellent resource for Citizenship and PSHE activities. The sessions are intended to enhance teamwork, communication and confidence building.


Due to the nature of the objects, the use of creative thinking is required, and the activities provide a useful tool for developing these skills. Activities can be shaped to encourage independent work, work in small groups, and teamwork. The objects provide a visual subject matter that they are unlikely to have encountered before in any part of their lives, and as creative stimulus they can provoke no wrong answers. This positive environment helps to increase confidence and self-esteem. It also allows activities to easily be differentiated for a range of abilities. The opportunity for communication skills to be improved cannot be understated, as the activities with the objects demand articulation in order to explain the surrealist qualities.


Take at look at some of the examples of literacy work produced when students engaged with the Object Dialogue Box. This activity involved the students using their imagination to create a narrative deriving from one or more of the objects. 


For further information or to book a session please contact:

Zoe White, Learning Coordinator, 0113218143, learn@harewood.org

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