Object Dialogue Box at Harewood House


The Object Dialogue Box was created by Hedsor Creative Learning and is part of the Campaign! Make an Impact Project in which the British Library, Hull Museums Service and Harewood House each worked with a school looking at the 1807 campaign to abolish the transatlantic slave trade. You can see other examples of the projects created on the Campaign! Make an Impact page on My Learning.

This learning journey explores the use of the Object Dialogue Box as a resource for encouraging creative thinking and for working with the imagination through history and mime. The Object Dialogue Box is available for sessions both in Harewood House as well as for outreach opportunities. A classroom activity sheet can be downloaded, which encourages children to consider the significance and connotations of different objects both independently and in groups.  This can be carried out without the Object Dialogue Box.


Curriculum Links and QCA Schemes of Work (for the learning journey and handling sessions with the box):

KS 3 English


KS 3 Citizenship

Unit 12 - Why did women and some men have to struggle for the vote in Britain? What is the point of voting today?


KS 3 History

Unit 15 - Black peoples of America from slavery to equality?


KS 1 and 2 Art and Design

Unit 4A - Viewpoints

Unit 9gen - Visiting a museum, gallery or site                


KS 3 Art and Design - Unit 9C,

Unit 8A - Objects and viewpoints

Unit 10gen - Visiting a museum, gallery or site


Learning Outcomes:

After completing this learning journey children will have a better understanding of using objects as stimuli. It is also a method to approach the topic of slavery - the use of obscure objects provokes uninhibited discussion on delicate subjects. Communication and thinking skills will be developed through discussing and considering the objects in different perspectives. It encourages children to respect other people's opinions and develop their own attitudes. The hands-on and interactive approach will provoke ideas through enjoyment and experimentation.

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