My Favourite Chinese Things!

Chinese Bottle Cover by Lai Ting Lee

'This is an extremely attractive bottle cover, because of its natural and basic colours; it can be used at any occasions such as Chinese New Year, it is a good example!

This is usually a souvenir for English people who wish to remember the loving country of China. You can easily buy this bottle cover anywhere: Hong Kong ladies market or any tourist place where it is a honey pot site in the summer, somewhere you just have to visit!

This adoring bottle cover has its own unique style. There are three words to describe this dress: cultural, special and unforgettable. So have you been thinking why the dress is red and blue? Well red in china represents luck and also blue too. The object has got gold thread sewed on, which indicates money. It may also bring us happiness throughout our lives.

We Chinese people like wearing red costumes, so this basically represents China, us Chinese, and the love of us.'

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