My Favourite Chinese Things!

Chinese Lion Head by Vanessa Wan

'The Chinese Lion head is used for a dance called The Lion Dance. The lion dance is part of the Chinese culture. It is used when there are celebrations like Chinese New Year.


There are two or more people inside the lion head. One person controls the head, mouth and eyelids and the other person control the body. The dance is accompanied by gongs and drums, representing the descant of good luck.


There are varied versions of the lion dance depending on which part of Asia you come from, each possessing their own styles.


The lion dance is glorious in the Chinese history, it is a traditional culture art, most vogue especially by the Guangdong area. The lion contour military might, the movement is vigorous, the manner is changeable, therefore Guong Furen called it Smart Lion.


The lion has many different fables in the folk, sometimes being seen as a myth, sometimes as a kind of history. Miscellaneous spread of opinions, has increased many mystical colours for the lion dance, also makes its more through popular sentiment. People believed generally, lion is a lucky auspicious beast, and the lion dance can bring the good lucky. Therefore whenever there are any festivals, or jubilation activity, having a lion dance is very common. To celebrate, wishes fortune and good luck in everything.'

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