My Family: My Story

My Special Object: Telling its story

As part of the My Family: My Story Project, we asked participants to take a disposable camera home to take photographs of their families and objects that were important to them. Using these photographs, we then explored the special objects they had chosen and began to listen to their stories. We asked participants to begin to craft a family story associated with one or more of their special objects. This was done by creating a story map for each chosen object.


Aims of the session:

  • To explore special objects and their associated stories.
  • To create story maps of the special objects
  • Families will start planning their family stories.

Learning Objectives:

Families will:

  • begin to explore the stories, memories and feelings associated with their special objects.
  • start to craft a family story using story mapping, which can be turned into a digital story.
  • discuss their special objects with one another.

A Session Plan can be downloaded following the link below.


Please Note: Prior to delivering this session participants were each given a disposable camera and asked to take it home to photograph objects that were important to them. Object photographs are needed to deliver this session. Alternatively you could ask people to bring special objects to use in the session.

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