My Family: My Story

My Family: Creating your own mini-museum

In the My Family My Story project families were each asked to create an All about You Story Box, which would become their very own mini-museum; containing objects, stories, photographs and information about their family.


Just as the World of James Herriot is made up of objects, stories, photographs and information about the Vet and Author, Alf Wight and his family.

This was the initial activity in the project and was used to encourage families to starting thinking about their families and objects that were special to them.


We asked families to imagine that this box would become a way of providing people today, and in the future, with information about their family, their interests and their special objects.


Aim of session:

  • To encourage participants to think and talk about their families, their lives and special objects.
  • To explore the link between objects in museums and objects in the home.

Learning Objectives:


Families will:

  • Work closely together to discuss the items they possess, which are important to them.
  • Begin to listen and tell stories associated with these objects.
  • Be introduced to the idea that museums have collections, and items in them can provide us with information and stories on a certain topic.
  • Work creatively to design their story box.
  • Develop listening and speaking skills; talking about themselves and their objects.    

See Worksheet download below for the Creating an All About You Story Box Session Plan

Please Note:
This session plan is written to be run with families, but can easily be adapted to be delivered in a school environment.

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