Yorkshire Waterways Museum

Telethon Louise the vessel used for Goole Docks Tour
The Yorkshire Waterways Museum
Dutch River Side

DN14 5TB

Opening Times:

Weekdays  9am-4pm (year round)

Weekends 10am-4pm (12 April-2 Nov)

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The Yorkshire Waterways Museum offers an extensive collection which tells the story of the Port of Goole, the transportation of coal, the lives of barge families, and the boat building tradition of our ancestors.



Contact Details:
Telephone 01405 768730

Email: info@waterwaysmuseum.org.uk
Twitter: @waterwaysmuseum 

Learning Programmes:

- Model boat building

- Roses and castle painting

- Creative writing workshop

- Still life sketching

- Digital photography art workshop

- Guided tour of the nature trail

- KS1-2 workbooks 

- Boat trips

Please get in touch with the museum if you would like to undertake these activities on your visit. 



The Aire and Calder Navigation

 Goole Docks

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