Wagoners' Museum

Museum of the Wagoner's Special Reserve
Sledmere House
YO25 3XG

Opening Times:
Opens from 10am - 5pm in conjunction with the House and Gardens days of opening (please see website for details)

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This little museum, which is in the entrance area to Sledmere House, tells the story of the Wagoners' Special Reserve with photographs, papers, memorabilia and a medal collection. Sir Mark Sykes' uniform is also on display.

The Wagoners' Special Reserve was the brainchild of Sir Mark Sykes 6th Baronet and these men became some of the first to go abroad in the First World War, driving the horse drawn wagons with reserve supplies of food, fodder and ammunition for the front line.

The museum is of interest to all. As far as we know this is the only museum devoted to a Special Reserve. It is now run by a Charitable Trust which relies on voluntary contributions.

Contact Details:
Tel: 01751 431347
Email: sandraoakins@museumofwagoners.co.uk

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