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Ravensknowle Park,
Wakefield Rd, Huddersfield


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All Year

Mon-Fri 11.00- 17.00

Sat -Sun 12.00-17.00

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Tolson Museum, Huddersfield presents a vivid and intriguing picture of the local area and its people, from pre-historic times to
the present day.
Each layer of this rich history is revealed through unique collections of artefacts that provide a direct link to the past. You can unearth the remains of Bronze Age Huddersfield, or meet theRomans and other ‘comers-in’ who helped toshape the town we know today.
In more recent times, textiles created wealth for mill-owners such as the Beaumonts who lived in Ravensknowle Hall before it became Tolson Museum. Displays of machinery and artefacts explain how the factory system changed the lives of workers and of the spirited resistance to new machinery by the Luddites.
Artefacts from Victorian Huddersfield reflect the lives of its citizens, and visitors can experience the rigors of the 3Rs for themselves in the schoolroom. Finally, take a ride through ‘Going
Places’, a collection of historic carriages, cars and bicycles that have kept Huddersfield moving through history.

Contact Details:
Tel: 01484 223830

Learning Programmes:
Chidren in Victorian Times - Victorian Classroom
Victorians - Transported Through Time
Forces - Transported Through Time

Victorian Huddersfield

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