Thackray Medical Museum

Students in Hannah Dyson Display
Near St James's Hospital
Beckett Street Leeds

Opening Times:
10am-5pm, Monday-Sunday

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Walk through the streets of Leeds in 1842 to experience how people really lived and died: the squalor, the sounds, the smells. Choose a character in the recreated Victorian street and follow their life and ailments, search for remedies for their illnesses and find out if they lived or died. Experience surgery in the 1840s in a unique audio-visual presentation, and see how this has all evolved into modern medicine. In the Life Zone gallery students can learn how their bodies work and how to stay healthy.

The Museum was designed to support the 'Medicine Through Time' module in GCSE History and is also an excellent resource for the study of Victorian Britain in Key Stage 1 and 2 History and “Me and My Body” in Science. In addition to the galleries the Museum runs museum led workshops: Florence Nightingale (KS1), Victorians Alive (KS2) and Life in the Workhouse (KS2 - launching April 2013), as well as resource packs covering History, Science, Maths, Numeracy, Literacy, and Health and Social Care.

Free familiarisation visits are available, please call for details.

Contact Details:
Liz Egan or Judith Knox 0113 244 4343

Learning Programmes:

Florence Nightingale Led Session (KS1)
Victorians Alive Led Session (KS2)
Life in the Workhouse* (KS2)

*Launching April 2013

Design and Technology
Health and Social Care

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