South East Asia Museum

University of Hull
Wilberforce Building, First Floor West, Cottingham Road, Hull  HU6 7RX

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 9.15am to 1.15pm

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The collection of artefacts was started in 1967 by Professor Mervyn Jaspan to illustrate his classes, and he began the museum in 1968. The core of the current exhibition derives from this early collection, as well as more recent donations.

Contact Details:
Lewis Hill, Curator
Tel: 01482 465763

Learning Programmes:
Some of the museum's objects have been donated by staff and students from their travels across the region, while others are bequests and gifts from institution individuals, including a Hull sea captain who left two models of traditional boats to the collection.

The weapons of Borneo tribesmen, ornate bridal head-dresses and shadow puppets from Indonesia are just some of the items on display at the University of Hull museum.

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Minangkabau Bridal Headdress

Minangkabau Bridal Headdress

Cosume of silver, sheet foil, beads and cut-out love birds Read More »
Javanese Marriage Figures

Javanese Marriage Figures

Hindu figures help bring good luck to newly weds Read More »
Javanese Shadow Puppet

Javanese Shadow Puppet

Made in 1994 by East Java craftsman from stiff leather parchment Read More »
Ship of the Dead

Ship of the Dead

Made by the Dayak peoples of Borneo to carry souls to the afterlife Read More »
Alorese Bronze Drum

Alorese Bronze Drum

Indonesian drums as marriage payments Read More »

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