Scarborough Museums Trust

Woodend Creative Workspace, The Crescent, Scarborough
YO11 2PW

Opening Times:

Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm

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The Trust runs Scarborough Art Gallery and the Rotunda, the William Smith Museum of Geology. In addition we care for the collections of the Borough of Scarborough which together with our education facilities make up Scarborough Collections, based at Woodend Creative Workspace.

Contact Details:
Learning Team at:
or 01723 384 511

Learning Programmes:

Linked directly to the National Curriculum, our wide range of learning packages, activities, workshops, in school sessions, tours and loans boxes are available for all ages and all abilities.


Scarborough Museums Trust Learning Package


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Associated Resources

Star Carr Deer Antlers

Star Carr Deer Antlers

Deer skull with antlers from the last Ice Age 8,000 BC Read More »
Egyptian Mummy Eye

Egyptian Mummy Eye

The eye from an Egyptian mummy statue Read More »
Starfish from the Time of Dinosaurs

Starfish from the Time of Dinosaurs

A fossil from the Jurassic period, over 175 million years old! Read More »
Seagull Heart with Pins

Seagull Heart with Pins

A charm thought to ward off evil witches' spells Read More »
Remember Scarborough - WWI Bombardment

Remember Scarborough - WWI Bombardment

How the Home Front came under attack in WW1 Read More »

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