Multicultural York: the Anglo-Saxons (AD400-866)

York in AD 780: Alcuin's poem

....My heart is set to praise my home

And briefly tell the ancient cradling

Of York's famed city through the charms of verse.

It was a Roman army built it first ,

High-walled and towered, and made the native tribes

Of Britain allied partners in the task –

For then a prosperous Britain rightly bore

The rule of Rome whose sceptre ruled the world –

To be a merchant-town of land and sea,

A mighty stonghold for their governors,

An Empire's pride and terror to its foes,

A haven for the ships from distant ports

Across the ocean, where the sailor hastes

To cast his rope ashore and stay to rest.

The city is watered by the fish-rich Ouse

Which flows past flowery plains on every side;

And hills and forests beautify the earth

And make a lovely dwelling-place, whose health

And richness soon will fill it full of men.

The best of realms and people round came there

In hope of gain, to seek in that rich earth

For riches, there to make both home and gain.

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