Moving Stories - Workshops and Performance

The Performances

To advertise the museum performances, posters and leaflets were produced and distributed around the local areas by the students. Read the descriptions below to see how the students transformed the collections of the National Railway Museum and Streetlife Museum into dynamic and engaging pieces of theatre.

Let No Wheels Turn

performed by Year 9 Pupils from Manor C of E School

at the National Railway Museum

It’s 1926 and tension is high as strikers unite, but have they gone too far as the Flying Scotsman is sent crashing off the rails?

United We Stand
performed by Year 8 Pupils from Kingswood College of Arts

at Streetlife Museum, Hull

Imagine what it would be like if all transport workers and tradesmen suddenly stopped work…

Delve into Hull’s history with pupils from Kingswood College of Arts as they announce the 1926 General Strike and witness the great riot scenes that dominated the city centre.

The Valentine’s Disaster
performed by Year 8 Pupils from Andrew Marvell Business and Enterprise College at Streetlife Museum, Hull

On Valentine’s Day 1927, Paragon Station was buzzing with returning holiday makers and commuters travelling to work…then catastrophe struck!

Join pupils from Andrew Marvell Business and Enterprise College as they explore the cyclic movement of people in and around Hull in the 1920s and discover what happened on this tragic day.

Rail Tales

Performed by Year 9 Pupils from Joseph Rowntree School

at Streetlife Museum, Hull

Step on board the Flying Scotsman service for an epic journey to the north; enjoy speed style and sophistication…until war looms ahead.

Look out for the film versions of the four performances coming soon to the National Railway Museum's website!

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